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Kasera Fintube is an owner-managed company established in 1983. Our heritage, reputation, knowledge, rich history, and experience in the heat transfer industry comes from over 20 years of prior experience giving us the ability to grow with the industry and be an innovative leader at the same time.
  • We have built one of the most high-tech manufacturing companies in the world. This has been accomplished with the customer in mind. Customer service is, and always will be, our top priority.
  • We are an international company. Our products and reputation are shipped all over the world. We provide a multitude of related services to increase customer efficiency and cost effectiveness allowing TFT to build the relationships that continue today.
  • Please visit the rest of our website for further information about our finning and bending services. Visit the contact page for all of the methods available to communicate with us. If you give us a chance to fulfill your needs, you'll see that we are not only the best choice for quality and customer service, but also for cost-effectiveness.