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Kasera Fin 's Helical Solid Finned Tubes are produced by helically wrapping continuous fin strip on edge around the tube circumference and continuously welding the fin strip to the tube. The fin strip is held under tension and confined laterally as it is formed around the tube, thereby ensuring that the strip is in forceful contact with the tube surface. A continuous weld is applied at the point where the fin strip first begins to bend around the tube diameter, using the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process.

This welded steel finned tube configuration can be used for practically any heat transfer application, and is particularly suited to high temperature, high pressure applications. The important features of this configuration are efficient, effective bond of fin to tube under all conditions of temperature and pressure, and ability to withstand high fin-side temperatures.

KASERA produces Welded Finned Pipe and Tubes in many different diameters and fin configurations and metal combinations to meet your heat transfer needs.

The following table shows Kasera's manufacturing capabilities for helical solid finned tube ...

Weld Process GMAW
Tube/Pipe Size 25MM to 350MM outside diameter
Fin Height 10 to 50 MM
Fin Thickness0.8 to 3.5 MM
Fin Pitch4 MM to 50MM
MaterialsAny material combination that can be arc welded
Tube Length No practical limit
Operationfully automatic