Kasera Fintube
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Terms & Conditions
  1. Data Folder: Three sets of ‘AS BUILT’ Drawing, Material Test Certificate, Test Result, and other relevant documents will be submitted to you.
  2. Inspection: The Heat Exchangers will be manufacturer under your wise inspection.
  3. Price: The above price is our ex-works bhilwara/Vapi, Transportation, Insurance, Packaging, Forwarding, Excise Duty, Sales Tex, Octroi etc., will be extra as applicable.
  4. Payment: All payments to be made in favour of  M/s KASERA Fin Tube, Bhilwara 60% in advance with Purchase Order & and balance including taxes against Performa invoice prior to dispatch.
  5. Taxes & Duties: All the rates quoted are exclusive of Sales Tax. Any other Tax/Duty charges or imposed by the change of the law/act with effect to the above supply would be charges extra.
    1. Excise Duty + Cess: Not applicable at present time, If applicable to your account 10.3%.
    2. Sales Tex: Present rate is @ 2% angst. From ‘C’ or @ 15% at full rate (5% with Declaration Form)
    3. Service Tax: Not Applicable If applicable to your account 10.3%.
    Note: If you can provide Export forms then tax will be NIL.
  6. Packing & Forwarding: @ 2% amount of total value.
  7. Insurance: Extra as per of equipment or You may arrange insurance of the equipment at your cost towards the transit loss, damage, theft pilferage etc.
  8. Transportation Charges: Extra at actual, at your cost.
  9. Unloading & Storing: Unloading of ordered items at site and shifting up to, storage location/installation location shall be done by your people at your cost.
  10. Installation: Shall be done by your technical staff and your people at your cost.
  11. Road Permit: Any type of permit if required for shipping the consignment in your state/city shall be sent to us along with the order.
  12. Cancellation Charges: 30% of the order value.
  13. Delivery As per deal or earlier from the date of receipt of confirmed purchase order along with advance or drawing Approval, whichever is later.
  14. Completion of work: The entire would be completed within the stipulated period as quoted in the delivery period of the quotation. The exclusion of the work is subject to delay if any due to reasons beyond our control, including war, strike, lockout, fire, civil hostility, riot, caused due to an act of god, requisition by or interference from Govt. of local authorities, trade disputes, damage or accident to machinery or any other event of circumstances whatsoever beyond TPL’s control whether due to or in consequence of any of the aforesaid causes.
  15. Storage & safe custody: It would be the customer’s responsibility to arrange for suitable storage and safe custody of the material brought to the site for installation.
  16. Specification: The specifications quoted and as the catalogue are subject to change without any prior notice.
  17. All disputes: All disputes subject to Bhilwara Jurisdiction.
  18. Validity: 30 Days.