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Kasera Fin Tube offers LL-Foot Tension Wound Finned Tubes. Manufactured in the same way as the 'L' fin type except that the fin foot is overlapped to completely enclose the base tube thereby giving excellent corrosion resistance. This type of tube is often used as an alternative to the more expensive extruded type fin in corrosive environments. If say in simply- Aluminium fin strip is formed to LL shape and tension wound on the tube with overlapping of fins as shown in the figure.

LL -Foot tension wound finned tubes are commonly used in applications with metal Maximum operating Temperature for LL fin is 200 deg C.

Tube/Pipe Size 10 MM to 200 MM outside diameter
Fin Height8 to 50 MM
Fin Thickness 0.4 to 1.2
Fin Pitch 2 to 20 MM
Tube MaterialsNo theoretical limit
Fin MaterialsAluminium or copper
Tube Length 15 Meter
OperationFully automatic