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Kasera Fin Tubes can offer substantially reduce the cost of Heat Exchangers and at the same time improve their efficiency through the use of a simple tool often overlooked by designers the integrally finned tube. Kasera low fin tubes can be ordered bent into U-tubes if required.

Integral Low Fin Tube has the advantage that it can improve the thermal performance of a Heat Exchanger without the necessity for changing shell size, flow arrangement or the repositioning of piping.

The external surface of the tube is increased by the formation of "low fins" by direct extrusion from the material of the base tube. In general, for a given heat transfers only one half of integral fin tubes are needed as would be required for bare tubes. This effectively saves more than 30 percent on tubes alone.

Tube/Pipe Size 12.7 MM to 25.4 MM outside diameter
Fin Height 0.56to 1.25 MM
Fin Per Inch 16 FPI to 45 FPI
MaterialsStainless Steel: 304, 304L,316,316L and 321 plusDeplex,
Copper Base Alloys: i.e.Alloy 443,687,706,715,
Carbon & Low Alloys Steel, Titanium & Hi Ni Alloys
Tube Length No practical limit
OperationSemi automatic