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KASERA Fin Tube has chosen to continue making investments in the latest technology. We concentrate on what we do best. Our “Welded Helical Solid Fin Tube” and “Welded Helical Serrated Fin Tube” are available normally in the materials set forth below :
  • TUBES : Materials utilized are Carbon Steel, Intermediate Alloy, the 300 and 400 Series Stainless Steel, as well as incoloy and other Nickel Alloys.
  • FINS : Carbon Steel, 300 and 400 Series Stainless Steel, Incoloy and other Materials capable of being welded to the tube by use of the Electric Resistance welding process.
  • Kasera Fintube has become a leader in the manufacture of high frequency welded finned tubes. Our company was the first in the India to use high frequency resistance welding machines for the manufacture of finned tubes. We continue to invest in the quality of our equipment to allow us to provide the high standards that are necessary for performance.