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Kasera Fin Tube offers our standard Edge-Tension fin tubes available in similar or dissimilar metals. Edge tension finned tubing is recommended for moderate duty in normal ambient air applications and on most low-temperature air cooled heat exchangers. During the manufacturing process, fin material is tightly wound around the outside of the tube to secure metals-to-metal contact of the base of the fin with the tube.

Edge Tension Wound Finned Tubes are commonly used in applications with small amounts.

Edge finned tubes are commonly used in applications with metal temperatures up to 150   degrees C.

Tube/Pipe Size 25MM to 350MM outside diameter
Fin Height10 to 50 MM
Fin Thickness 0.8 to 3.5 MM
Fin Pitch 4 MM to 50MM
Fin MaterialsNo theoretical limit
Tube Length No practical limit
OperationFully automatic